2012 Gallery


In addition, we would like to thank our judges: Xinian Zuo, Roberto Toro, Anne-Marie van Cappellen van Walsum, Maarten Mennes, Carl Schoonover, Arno Klein, Aline Peter, F X Castellanos & Chloe Pinto, Catie Chang, Yu-Feng Zang, David Kennedy.

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Submission galleries can be accessed through the links below, and by clicking on the winning images from each category.

To download image captions, click here.

John Van Horn

Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Benedicte Batrancourt

Paul Holloway

Sherbrooke Connectivity Imaging Lab (SCIL)

Maxime Chamberland, David Fortin, Maxime Descoteaux

Martijn D. Steenwijk

dasGehirn.info, 3 de luxe