Gallery 2011


Following are the 2011 galleries for each category, as well as the winners and runners-up in each:

3D-Rendering Gallery

    Winner:         Rebrain – Roberto Toro

    Runner Up:   Generative Embedding for Neuroimaging – Kay H. Brodersen

Connectome Gallery

    Winner:         Functional connectivity differences between the sexes visualised using hierarchical edge bundling – John McGonigle

    Runner Up:   White Matter Fiber Tracts: Visualizations of fiber track data from diffusion MY imaging – Betty Lee

Abstract Gallery

    Winner:          The Brain Tree – Silje Soeviknes, Erlend Hodneland, Judith Haász

    Runners Up:  Slices if life – Mireia Guitart, in collaboration with Dr. Simon Surguladze

                          Amygdala anatomy and associated symptomalogy in autism – Isabel Dziobek & Michael Madore

Humorous Gallery

   Winner:          MRT Studies: Structural differences – Andrea Carolin Lörwald

    Runner Up:    Keep it Fresh – Anonymous Latvian artist (contributed by Sebastian Urchs)

We would like to thank our esteemed panel of judges for the difficult task of assessing such wonderful submissions: Xavier Castellanos, Catie Chang, Pearl Chiu, Roberto Cozatl, Kateliln Engerer, Alex Franco, Noah Hutton, Arno Klein, Helen Mayberg, Maarten Mennes, Karla Miller, Russ Poldrack, Alan Rorie, Sepideh Sadaghiani, Heather Schafer, Carl Schoonover, Steve Smith, Olaf Sporns, Arno Villringer, Yufeng Zhang.